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Pest Removal

Call Goliath for Your Pest Removal Needs

Welcome to Goliath Pest Control, a full service residential and commercial pest removal company. When some people think of pests, they think of flies and bees, but others know that rodents, including rats and mice, are other types of pests. With more than 14 years of experience, Goliath Pest Control knows that household pests come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. With our fully equipped trucks, professionally trained technicians and latest equipment, we can make your pest problem a thing of the past. Let us exterminate bees, bed bugs and any other pests you find in your home. If you are in need of any type of commercial or residential pest control services and want 100% guaranteed satisfaction, please call us right now at (407) 687-3300 and we will provide you with immediate service and a free estimate.

Extermination Services

Our certified technicians go through a professional training and certification process before we send them out into the field. During their training, they learn how to combat some of the more common household pests affecting those living in the central region of Florida. Many of our current customers have needed help with common bugs inside and outside, including bees, wasps, bed bugs and roaches. Not only can we eliminate the bugs living inside your house, but we can also seal off any access points and remove nests and hives outside.

What About Rodents?

That scratching noise you hear in your attic is probably a wild animal living in your home. Those animals often move inside during the cooler months, and those animals can build nests and make a home in your attic, garage or in your walls. Depending on where you live, you might even have problems with raccoons and larger animals. With our pest removal services, you’ll feel confident that our technicians can remove any of those pests from your home or business and prevent them from returning.

Goliath Pest Removal Services

As a bonded and insured extermination company, we know all about the common household pests that you face every day. We offer guaranteed on time arrival and the highest quality services around. Whether you need help with larger animals or a small bee hive, you can count on us for assistance. Don’t suffer with pests in your home or business any longer. Call Goliath right now at (407) 687-3300 and one of our professionally trained and experienced technicians will arrive in less than 24 hours to provide you with a free estimate and our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy then neither are we; so call right now.