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Pest Control Service

For Expert Pest Control Service Call Goliath

If you are experiencing a pest problem in your home or business, and are seeking an experienced, knowledgeable pest control service to fix the problem; call Goliath. We have been serving our clients for over a decade and can quickly rid your home or business of unwanted pests. Our technicians are certified and professionally trained. We only use the latest equipment and will arrive in a fully equipped truck so you are certain to have your home on its way to being pest-free the day of their visit. If you are in need of any type of commercial or residential pest control services and want 100% guaranteed satisfaction, please call us right now at (407) 687-3300 and we will provide you with immediate service and a free estimate.


About Goliath

We are a family-run business and have been performing pest control service since 2004. We are dedicated to providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. Our professionally trained and certified technicians will take their time with you to make sure that your home is completely pest-free.
You can be certain that our employees are truly qualified for the job because all Goliath Pest Control technicians go through a required thirty day professional training and certification program before our business will allow them to serve our customers. Our technicians also go through extra training with the newest pest control equipment and the latest EPA-approved products.

You Can Count on us 100% of the Time

You can trust the technicians at Goliath Pest Control for many reasons. We are fully licensed and insured and we always offer prompt and friendly service. We are open for business seven days a week. Our technicians often arrive at the homes of customers within a few hours. Not only will we arrive promptly, but we will also work with you to create a personalized plan to rid your home of pests as well as do our best to work with you and your budget.

Call Goliath for Immediate Pest Control Service

Don’t suffer with pests in your home or business any longer. Call Goliath right now at (407) 687-3300 and one of our professionally trained and experienced technicians will arrive in less than 24 hours to provide you with a free estimate and our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee.